National Parks

Other National Parks

There are some other interesting National Parks in Tanzania, which we recommend you to visit, especially if it´s not your first trip to Tanzania and you have already seen the “famous six”.

GOMBE STREAM NATIONAL PARK is the smallest of Tanzania´s National Parks, a thin strip of ancient forest set amidst mountains and steep valleys on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

KATAVI NATIONAL PARK in western Tanzania is remote and wild, a destination for the true safari aficionado. Despite being Tanzania´s third-largest park, Katavi sees relatively few visitors, meaning that those guests who arrive here can look forward to having this huge untouched wilderness to themselves.

KITULO NATIONAL PARK is situated on the Kitulo Plateau, which forms part of Tanzania´s southern highlands. The area provides a home for a wide variety of wildflowers.

MAHALE MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK is home to some of the last remaining wild chimpanzees in Africa. Around 1,000 of these fascinating animals roam the isolated rainforest of Mahale, a chain of dramatic peaks draped in lush vegetation falling to Lake Tanganyika´s beaches far below.

MIKUMI NATIONAL PARK is a well known Park. The main feature of the park is the Mikumi flood plain, along with the mountain ranges that border the park on two sides. Observation towers above the treeline allow panoramic views of the plain laid out below, home to formidable herds of buffalo.

RUAHA NATIONAL PARK is the only protected area in which the flora and fauna of eastern and southern Africa overlap. Wildlife in Ruaha is concentrated along the great Ruaha River that is the park´s lifeblood.

RUBONDO ISLAND NATIONAL PARK is tucked into the corner of Lake Victoria, the world´s second largest lake, an inland sea sprawling between three countries. Rubondo provides protection for fish breeding grounds. But more than this, deserted sandy beaches nestle against a cloak of virgin forest. Rubondo is a birder´s paradise, with the malachite kingfisher´s azure brilliance competing with the paradise flycatcher´s glamorous flowing tail.

SAADANI NATIONAL PARK is the perfect union of beach and bush. Located just 70 km north of Baamoyo, Saadani is a popular day-trip from beach resorts scattered along Tanzania´s northern coast.

UDZUNGWA MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK is almost unearthly. A link in the chain of Africa´s eastern arc mountains, Udzungwa is made for hiking and climbing on trails through the rainforests and along the escarpments.

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