Cultural Tourism

Cultural Tourism

Cultural Tourism

Yes, Tanzania's a country with extraordinary landscapes and spectacular wildlife, but there's another major reason to come here: the people. The people of Tanzania are some of the most hospitable in the world and they love sharing their fascinating culture with visitors from around the world. The cultural program that is a part of every trip we organize is sure to become one of the most memorable experiences of your vacation.

The cultural program developed by Tansafari-Tours is organized and led by locals in their home surroundings. This is a chance to experience what life is like for the rural peoples of Tanzania. It helps to fight poverty and support people in developing their communities and their environment. The direct interaction with local people gives tourists an authentic experience of day-to-day living in this country, its diverse cultures, and some of the problems and difficulties people face in their daily lives.

We offer a variety of cultural experience options. For example, you can learn to harvest, roast and grind coffee beans. And you can then take the coffee you produce home as a souvenir. Or you can visit a local primary school and learn about the Tanzanian education system. You'll probably leave with many concerns about the working conditions of people in a local quarry, but their hospitality will still delight you.

The diverse offerings at the local markets will leave you speechless. Maybe you'll even buy a sack of rice or beans to donate to an orphanage you could visit later in the week. Are you interested in how foreign aid helps provide medical care to an entire region? Then you'll want to visit a local hospital.

Of course, the visits with the Masai or some of the last remaining Bushmen are a part of the agenda. A tour of one of their small villages is like a journey into the past. The people welcome you into their homes, you can join in their dancing and singing if you wish, or you can try out skill with a bow and arrow.

Just let us know what you'd like to experience! We can make your cultural experience as individual as the entire trip.


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